You are worth the effort but it is YOU that has to make the effort. Don't wait for someone else.

Everyone, No One

Rising to the sun, bowing to the earth.

Rising to the sun, bowing to the earth, I feel my center grounded between them both. I can feel it in the weight of me, pooling in my core. My center holds me together. I am looking for the light inside, where radiance dwells. Notice its color, temperature, density. For a moment, I close my […]

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Today’s Journal: Anything is possible.

There is a chamber in my heart where I play all day, every day. Another chamber where I grieve for what has been lost and what has never been at all. There is a place in my brain that plays movies of one thing while my eyes are staring at something else completely unrelated. There […]

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Summer Solstice Blues

The sky is a heavy gray today. As my mom would say, “there is not enough blue to help me through.” Usually I like the rain. I find it reassuring, cleansing. I like the smell of it before it rains. And I love the smell of the earth after. It is grounding for me. The […]

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Hold Steady

For you are the wind and the tree. You are the frightened bee and the content shark at the bottom of the sea. You can burn as soft as the moon or as bright as a fire. Follow your inhale inside. Feel your capacity expand to make room for this moment. There is wisdom there […]

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