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Wholeness Prayer & Meditation

You ever feel scattered, like all the parts of you are moving in different directions. It happens and it is natural. Especially if we are excited about something, or caught off guard. There are many reasons for it. But the longer we feel this way, it seems our alignment of parts, the connection between the layers of self, begins to weaken or fade. Our connection is still there but we need to nourish that connection. One way of doing this is by simply acknowledging what is happening.

This prayer was written for a lovely group of women I have had the pleasure to call my shamanic tribe and I wanted to share it with you.

I welcome you into this prayer. Connect to this moment and feel fully present. Feel the weight of your body, the temperature. Notice your muscles and bones. Sway a little side to side, back and forth, to get your comfortable in your center. Bring your chin slightly down, remove your tongue from the roof of your mouth, relax the eyebrows, jaw, and shoulders.

When you are ready, say the following words out loud.

I petition

All the parts of me

In the light and in the shadow

To rise inside me

Align with each other

Strengthen our wholeness together.

From this union

I nourish harmony within

I meet any challenge

Protecting my boundaries

Nourishing my authentic self

Into full expression.

Take a moment now to notice how you feel and if you have your journal around, make some observations. Maybe change the wording a little to meet you where you are right now.

Journal Prompts:

  1. How do I know when things don’t feel in alignment or connected?
  2. What does being in alignment and connected feel like?
  3. How does it make me feel whole?
  4. How has not being in alignment or feeling whole actually helped me in my practice?

One of the wonderful lessons described in The Three Question by Barbara Emrys and Don Miquel Ruiz, is that we can learn more about who we are when we find out who we are not. So, when we find out what doesn’t work for our wholeness, our greater self, our health, our dreams and hopes, we discover what does. Or, at least, we get closer to it.

Many Blessings

Garden State Shaman

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Reminder: You are sacred.

It is so strange to live in a world where we need reminding of this, don’t you think? And stranger still that it sometimes takes a long time to believe it even after we are reminded.

Try this mantra in the morning:

I am sacred. All life is sacred. Together, we are in sacred partnership with each other to live in this world.

A shift began in me when I started to contemplate this concept. It became an invitation for my entire being to slow down, explore my connection with my life and how I was living it.

Slowing down in itself can be a great gift. This is what I have discovered:

  1. It gives our senses a chance to acclimate and focus.
  2. Emotions can take the reins very quickly, which can be understood as a survival mechanism when it has been honed well but pausing just enough to observe a situation from a place of mind, body, heart, and spirit can give one a better advantage.
  3. It helps me appreciate the present more and focus on how to be better in the present instead of running into the future or worrying about the past.